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  • BakeShure® in Freezer to Oven (FTO) Application

    Balchem’s BakeShure® line is known for not inhibiting yeast, helping to create ideal texture in leavened baked goods. It works exceptionally well in FTO applications, as well. Allowing for the creation of deliciously warm, yeast dinner rolls after thawing. Creating chewy, soft FTO rolls that perform just as well as freshly baked rolls is important to us.

    Adding Inclusions to Dinner Rolls

    It’s no secret that Balchem specializes in inclusions. However, did you know that this expertise transfers to our freezer-to-oven applications? We can create your dream inclusion to bring more interesting flavors to your FTO dinner rolls. The high-level of customization is something we pride ourselves on. These inclusions can help bring a new classic to the dinner table and have all your customers asking for the rolls to be passed to them.

    Honey Mustard & Raspberry Inclusions

    This inclusion flavor is a honey base with an added hot bite of mustard. Then, we include a delicate burst of sweetness and just a hint of acidic tartness from the raspberry. This flavor is meant to heat up your next roll without taking away from the buttery goodness.

    Chai Pumpkin Inclusions

    If sweet rolls are more your style, we think that our  Chai Pumpkin Inclusions would be the perfect match. Combining the global inspiration of Chai spice combined with the annual fall favorite pumpkin allows for an on-trend flavor profile, while still standing out.

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