Balchem® Confectionery Solutions

Whether it’s the cheek puckering sour when you bite into a gummy or the sugar sanded granularity on sweet candies—we support cravings, indulgences, and, quite simply, enjoyment with our confectionery ingredients.

Our ConfecShure® encapsulated ingredients include citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid to help solve the problems that today’s confectioners face.

ConfecShure for Candy Applications

  • Encapsulated Acids
  • Encapsulated Sugars

Our Confectionery Segments

Balchem Ingredient Solutions produces a line of encapsulated ingredients called ConfecShure that primarily includes acids. This product is specially designed to solve common issues such as flavor loss, sugar inversion, hygroscopicity, discoloration, moisture absorption, etc.

Our ConfecShure ingredients are used in a variety of confectionery segments including:

  • Sanded Confections
  • Tableted Confections
  • Chewing Gums

Confectionery Acids Used to Enhance Fruit Flavors:

  • Malic – fruity, persistent, rounded
  • Citric – bright and refreshing
  • Tartaric – hard and dry

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The Confectionery Solution You’ve Been Searching For

We all have a sweet spot for sugar-coated treats. We often find ourselves craving a fruity hard candy or some sour gummies out of the blue. There’s just something about these small brightly colored concoctions that we just can’t seem to get enough of. On the occasion that we decide to toss our diets out the window for a quick indulgence, we expect a quality product that will perfectly satisfy our cravings. 

Our Process

In order to figure out how to best serve our partners, we’ve created a strategic process designed to maximize the growth opportunities for your company and products by:

  1. Understanding your company’s goals.
  2. Addressing your market needs.
  3. Innovating and optimizing your product offerings.
  4. Taking advantage of the trends that are shaping and driving the industry.
  5. Offering advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Why Balchem Confectionery Solutions?

We specialize in the development and delivery of encapsulated solutions to top confectionery manufacturers. ConfecShure is the premier brand of encapsulated ingredients specifically designed for application in a variety of candies. Our dedicated team of applications scientists have developed multiple uses for our proprietary technology in candy applications including:

  • Acidulants to improve flavor duration.
  • Elimination of sugar inversion.
  • Prevention of unwanted gassing in gum pellets.
  • Extended shelf life in sanded candies.
  • Color Stability.

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Confectionery Technologies

Our ConfecShure product line opens up new worlds of possibility for the confectionery industry. Recognizing the needs of the industry, Balchem Ingredient Solutions is developing wild new applications, potent new functional foods, breakthrough quality, and superior shelf life — all through our proprietary microencapsulation technology.

ConfecShure Sours

ConfecShure encapsulated ingredients let you control the release of acid or sugar using our proprietary microencapsulation technology. We protect ingredients from degradation and pre-reaction, strategically delivering them for optimum performance. 

The acids used in our ConfecShure sours balance and enhance desirable flavor notes while masking undesirable flavors. It also protects against negative ingredient interactions, hygroscopicity, and clumping, while delivering an intensely sour flavor.

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