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From a decadent scoop of toasted marshmallow ice cream swirled with chocolate chips and graham cracker inclusions to a frozen bar dipped in a crisp chocolate coating, dairy products provide wholesome goodness and nutrition.

Whether you need a vitamin-packed smoothie or a creamy cup of holiday nog, we help companies turn creative ice cream and dairy ideas into innovative products. We can help you discover or customized flavor solutions and textures to stay on trend and make your brand memorable.

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Our Dairy Segments

Balchem® Ingredient Solutions develops and manufactures specialty performance ingredients for the dairy market including textured variegates, liquid chips, flavor systems, chocolate powders, plant-based applications, and no heat coatings.

Our dairy segments include:

  • Frozen Desserts: flavor bases, low melt-point inclusions, sherbet bases, fruit solid packs, variegates, novelties, coatings, syrups, toppings
  • Dairy Beverages: chocolate dairy powders, flavored milk, tea, lemonade, juice, eggnogs, syrups, smoothies, single-serve products, vitamins
  • Cultured: flavor bases, variegates, fruit solid packs, vitamins, sidecars

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The Dairy Solution You’ve Been Searching For

It’s easy to tell the difference between high quality and mediocre dairy products. The moment someone finds a brand they like, they become loyal to that brand. We can help you win customer loyalty with our top of the line manufacturing and customized ingredient systems.

Our Process

Our team of creative professionals is constantly coming up with new dairy ideas and innovations to satisfy the ever-changing tastes and demands of the marketplace. We offer “Ideation Sessions” for key market segments to develop and present new frozen desserts that cater to their specific demands. We value each and every one of your customers and want to make sure that their needs are met, even if it means exerting a little extra brainpower.

We strive to provide an optimal partnership by:

  1. Understanding your company’s goals.
  2. Addressing your market needs. 
  3. Innovating and optimizing your product offerings.
  4. Taking advantage of the trends that are shaping and driving the Industry.
  5. Offering advanced manufacturing capabilities.
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Why Balchem Dairy Solutions?

Over 200 collective years of dairy research and application experience have led to some of the industry’s most innovative, award-winning, and delicious ice creams, flavored kinds of milks, egg nogs, juices, and other beverages. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, we can help you create new and indulgent flavors and design dairy systems that will propel your products forward.

Features and benefits of our dairy products:

  • Enhanced color and flavor.
  • Improved texture & mouthfeel.
  • Convenient dry mixes.
  • Liquid systems.
  • Simple production processes.
  • Application laboratory expertise.
  • Faster product development.

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Dairy Technologies

Balchem Ingredient Solutions includes dry and liquid systems in nearly every category of dairy production. Our high-performing, formulated dairy concepts deliver innovative and great tasting products. As tastes and trends shift, we can help you react faster to market demand for clean labels, no or low sugar added and free from claims, such as no artificial colors and flavors.

Variegate Technology

Variegates deliver flavor, color, texture, and taste for a truly sensory experience in your ice cream. This advancement creates dimension in your frozen desserts by enhancing its appearance through color and texture. Rich flavor combined with unmatched visual appeal results in a product that will leave your customers craving more.

Have You Heard About Our Feature Flavor Program?

Our Feature Flavors Program allows you to try our product offerings in frozen dessert systems as a starting point, and we will work closely with you to develop your own customized formulations and product offerings to grow your market.

Manufacturing And Packaging

When choosing an ingredient and flavor systems provider, you want someone with wide-ranging capabilities. You’re looking for a partner who can be your one-stop-shop for all your company’s needs. We do our best to be that partner. We’re driven by our passion for food research pouring countless hours and resources into technologies such as: 

  • Liquid processing including high and low shear mixing and homogenization.
  • Powder blending including ribbon and paddle mixing.
  • Spray drying.
  • Highly customizable products and packaging from 1-gallon batches to bulk truckloads.
  • Dedicated production rooms.

Let’s Work Together!

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