Human Nutrition & Health

Food Or beverage, supplement, or pharmaceutical.

Our Human Nutrition & Health division provides ready-made and custom ingredients, systems, and products that enable our customers to create better products that improve all aspects of life.

As the human nutrition space continues to evolve, our capabilities grow, allowing us to deliver scientifically proven health benefits and fantastic taste in applications from baby formulas to performance shakes to functional foods.

We leverage our two focus areas to solve today’s challenges and advance opportunities for our customers:

The Latest in Human Nutrition & Health

Nutrition & PharmaConsumers are incorporating more nutrients into their daily lives through dietary supplements, infant formulas, and fortified foods. This has increased the demand for premium nutritional ingredients built on superior science and innovative technology. Balchem rises to the challenge with our globally renowned ingredients:

  • Albion® Minerals, our brand of scientifically validated chelated minerals | Learn more
  • VitaCholine®, our brand of the essential nutrient choline | Learn more

Both brands provide premium ingredients that offer superior delivery of health benefits and are built on strong science and innovative technologies recognized worldwide for their quality, efficacy, and safety.

Food & Beverage

When food and beverage brands want to balance sensory attributes with nutritional benefits, they need customized formulation expertise. Balchem specializes in creating unique sensory experiences that deliver differentiating nutritional benefits in sports nutrition, functional beverages, medical foods, and more. We do this by developing customized solutions for:

  • Encapsulates: Enabling technology to control undesirable interactions in foods, supplements, and pharmaceutical actives
  • Inclusions: Lipid-based inclusions for flavorful taste experiences
  • Flavor: Powder and liquid flavor delivery systems
  • Powder: Spray-dried and blended lipid powders

We serve the following industries:

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