Balchem Inclusion Technology

Without the blueberries, a blueberry muffin is just a muffin. Without the cinnamon, cinnamon raisin bread is just raisin bread. Inclusions are literally the spice of life.

Whether you’re looking for chunks of chocolate or honey flavor, our inclusions come in both flake and nugget form with different size options to suit your needs.

What Are Inclusions?

Inclusions are lipid-based ingredient delivery systems that add multiple sensory experiences to various food systems. With our delivery system, the flavors and aromas are trapped in a lipid matrix until the inclusion melts (~125°F), at which time they are released into the baked goods.

We provide inclusions in both nugget and flake form because we know that no two products are the same. Our goal is to provide our partners with as many options as possible.

Balchem Inclusion Variations:

Inclusions technology variations.

Features And Benefits Of Inclusions

To say that the process of manufacturing cheese is only slightly different than the process of manufacturing brownies, would be a gross understatement. Different types of foods vary drastically when it comes to production. This means that selecting the proper inclusion isn’t as simple as a “one and done”. 

We’ve dedicated hours to thinking through as many food processing complications or hurdles as possible. We then put our heads together and found the best possible solutions to provide our partners.

A few of these solutions include:

  • Flavor, aroma, and color are protected until released in the baking process.
  • Creates color bursts.
  • Color stability during the storage of a product.
  • No color bleeding.
  • Easy to use.
  • Flexible piece for less dough tearing.
  • Non-scorch for griddle applications.
  • Off the shelf or customized profiles.
  • Mitigate the price volatility of IQF/Fresh Fruit.
  • Clean label options to meet your specifications.
Inclusions technology in the manufacturing process.

Markets Served

Inclusion technology can be applied to a wide variety of food products including pastries, breads, biscuits, muffins, pancakes, and cheeses — just to name a few. We make sure to carefully match each product with its inclusion counterpart to guarantee a flavor enriched result.

Product Categories

As mentioned previously, our partners require different inclusion types for different production processes. That’s why we make sure to provide inclusion variations to accommodate every type of food process. 

Our product categories include:

  • High Fiber (HF) – Allows customers to make a fiber claim of 3g / 100g serving when used at a 10% usage level in the final application.
  • Nut Allergy Free – Inclusions with no nut allergies.
  • Natural Flavors and Colors (NTN) – Products are made with natural colors and flavors.
  • Gooey Inclusions – Creates stretchy, stringy appearance along with moderate piece integrity and springy mouthfeel. 
  • No Sugar Added (NSA) – Consumers require fewer calories and less added sugar in recipes.
  • Non-scorch/non-stick – Useful for high heat/griddle applications and prevents inclusion from scorching.
  • No Soy Lecithin – No change in appearance compared to standard and oil level will be higher to accommodate lecithin removal.
  • Non-Dairy Cheese Inclusions – Ingredients used are all kosher pareve (no buttermilk or dairy flavors, for example), Asiago and Cheese flavors available and appearance is the same as dairy cheeses.
Inclusions in action.

Flavor Categories

Aside from product types, we also offer a wide variety of flavor options. Our spectrum ranges from sweet to savory and everything in between. We have a few staple flavors available for you to choose from or we can customize something entirely new. 

The sky’s the limit on flavor and color combinations. Check out our bakery feature flavors to see more. Here’s a partial list of all our current flavor options:

Brown, Dairy, Fruit, & Spice variations.
A look inside of the inclusions process.


Encapsulation is an “Enabling Technology” that helps control release and maintain the functionality of ingredients. Encapsulating an ingredient can help you improve stability and handling characteristics of sensitive actives, as well as increase viable shelf life.

Control – Protect – Deliver

Encapsulation actually separates the ingredient from its environment until it reaches the point of the desired release and comes in all shapes and sizes.

The release of a lipid-coated encapsulate is affected by three application factors:

Temperature. Force. Moisture.

Balchem is core in encapsulation technology with decades of research and expertise backing our proprietary processes with the ability to encapsulate dry granular and plated liquid actives.

pH Control products help prevent microbial spoilage in baked goods, reducing waste and improving shelf life. Encapsulated acids can be added directly to the dough with a reliable dose-response effect and blended with dry ingredients to prevents yeast inhibition and gluten interaction.  Citric, malic and fumaric acids are available.

Holding the product in your hand.


  • Encapsulated Sorbic Acid
  • No yeast inhibition
Propionate, ph Control, Sorbic Acid graph.

BakeShure® Solutions are available for preservation, sodium reduction, leavening, shelf-life extension, and technology for tortilla manufacturers, as well.

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