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When it comes to our products, we live by the phrase: “Looks Great. Tastes Great. Sounds Great.”

For powder products to be successful in the marketplace, they need to look great to the consumer both in sensory form and packaging. Our agglomeration services ensure a highly optimized product that is free-flowing and highly dispersible in liquids.

We also know that powder products need to taste great. Balchem Ingredient Solutions delivers on taste, solubility, and functionality in a way that sets us apart. Our extensive custom processing in powder applications allows us to create a perfect match of flavor, and nutrients. Our particle engineering technologies guarantee excellent performance and solubility standards.

And of course, products needs to sound great — both to your consumer and the FDA! We recognize that an optimized powder formulation includes precise nutritional composition along with commercial and economical viability. Our support team can help you manage this seamlessly and our world-class quality systems ensure that your product will launch with the superior standards needed to be successful in the marketplace.

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Our manufacturing configuration allows for highly customizable products offered in a variety of batch and packaging sizes. We also have dedicated production rooms that are designed to help eliminate cross-contamination. This aligns with our stringent quality control and testing practices which ensure that products consistently meet customer specifications.

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Product & Process Development

We can confidently state that we deliver the best products in the industry with an unmatched process. We do this by developing concepts that use realistic costs for ingredients and processing, including the ability to test for commercial feasibility. We also have a pilot plant dedicated to product scale-up and formula process validation. Our partners deserve nothing but the best.

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