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Whether enjoyed in a moment of peace before heading to work or eaten to provide a late-afternoon energy boost, cereal and snacks can find their way into our lives at any time, anywhere.

Balchem makes ready-to-eat breakfast cereal, snacks, and toddler puffs for specialty branded and private label companies. We’re a contract manufacturer, leveraging our versatile capabilities to help you create differentiating and delicious snacks and toddler puffs. Organic, non-GMO, ancient grain-based, allergen-free—we can help you develop the cereal, snacks, and toddler puffs that fill your customers’ needs.

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Our Cereal & Snack Segments

Our personalized service and technical finesse can help you create new product lines and extend existing ones. Our options include both extruded and cooked production lines:

Our cereal & snack segments include:

  • Bases: Corn cones/meal/flour, brown and white rice whole grain/flour, quinoa whole grain/flour, sorghum whole grain/flour, wheat berries/cut/flour, oats whole grain/flour, barley whole grain/flour, and ancient grains whole/flour.
  • Flavors: Apple, cinnamon, cocoa, kale, spinach, banana, strawberry, purple carrot, blueberry, mango, acai, broccoli and more.
  • Shapes: Rings, puffs, crisps, scoops, cylinders, straws, whole grain flakes, formed flakes and other customized shapes.
  • Texture: Airy, light, crisp, and crunchy.
  • Product Claims: Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, whole grain, high fiber, high protein, all natural and more.

We develop cereals and snacks for a variety of different formats and categories:

  • Product formats:
    • Multi-grain Flakes: Batch-cooked, formed, flaked
    • Crisp Rice: Batch-cooked and bumped, white and brown rice
    • Whole Grain Flakes: Batch-cooked, corn flakes, wheat flakes
    • Protein Crisps
    • Direct-expanded Cereals & Snacks: Rings, puffs, crisps, and more
    • High Fiber Twigs
  • Product categories:
    • Ready-to-eat Cereal
    • Grain-based Snacks
    • Cereal-based Ingredients
    • Baby & Toddlers Snacks

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The Cereal & Snack Solution You’ve Been Searching For

There are many challenges that must be overcome when creating a cereal product with the right texture and taste. We’ve poured endless time and research into finding cereal and snack solutions that not only overcome these challenges but deliver the highest level of quality on the market.

In order for us to achieve this level of quality, we recognize the importance of communication and innovation. Our team is focused on addressing each of your needs and formulating a product that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Our Process

As a strategic supply partner, we help to maximize the growth opportunities for your company and products by:

  1. Understanding your company’s goals
  2. Addressing your market needs 
  3. Innovating and optimizing your product offerings
  4. Taking advantage of the trends that are shaping and driving the industry
  5. Offering advanced manufacturing capabilities

As tastes and trends comes and go, we can help you react faster to market demand for new breakfast and snacking sources. We are constantly researching new ways to deliver customized solutions in an ever-shifting environment.

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Cereal & Snack Technologies

One of the ways in which we’re able to deliver such a high-quality product is by adopting the process of extrusion. This process combines advanced machinery and innovations in product development, resulting in the best performing cereal and other products on the market.

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