Balchem Spray Drying Technology

A pioneer and innovator in spray dry technology, we are the market leader in specialty spray dried lipid systems.

Since acquiring IFP® and Zumbro River Brands, Inc, our manufacturing capabilities have expanded to offer greater flexibility in instantization for our customers. This equips you with greater operational effectiveness while providing products that meet consumer’s needs of rapid hydration, increased solubility and wettability.

This is made possible through spray dry and agglomeration technology.  This new advancement equips you to choose from a wide range of powders that provides the necessary flavor, mouthfeel, functional and nutritional requirements in the finished product application. 

Liquid before spray dry at Ingredient Solutions.

What is Spray Drying?

Spray drying is the process of converting a liquid into a dry powder. A lipid system designed for use in a sports nutrition beverage is one example of this.

Our process starts with the combining of an aqueous phase and oil phase to form a properly balanced emulsion that will withstand the drying process while also performing well in a customized formulation. Spray drying greatly extends shelf life due to the powders having low moisture and low water activity.  In addition, the powders have much improved handling characteristics and free-flow properties.

We focus on having a broad understanding of fats and oils as applied to emulsion stability and spray dried lipid systems.  With our manufacturing capabilities, we create products with a wide range of particle size targeting the required density, sink and dispersion for target applications.  We have the flexibility to produce powders with traditional type ingredient statements or powders having short clean labels.

Features and Benefits of Spray Drying

We’ve all experienced drink mixes or powder blends that clump on the surface when added to water. For the manufacturing of quality products, it is very important to work with powders that are specifically formulated and designed for a fast rate of dissolution.

Experience solutions to common industry problems and the exceptional convenience that our spray drying technology provides. When working with us, you will find our unparalleled processes will save you time and money. Formulation and process development are combined to maximize efficiencies and performance. 

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • State-of-the-art spray drying and agglomeration technology with blending, milling and particle sizing
  • Segregated packaging space including bags and bulk totes
  • Multiple complementary processing steps allow for delicate particle size control
  • Environmental controls
  • Segregated blending & packaging
Employee looking in industrial tank at Ingredient Solutions.

Technical Expertise

We have a deep understanding of particle science and technology and can act as a collaborative extension of your research and development team. Our experts in the field of spray drying technology and particle analysis develop customized processes and products to fit our customers’ needs. Our laboratories are equipped for detailed particle and performance analysis, including:

  • Microencapsulation
  • Particle size & porosity
  • Surface area, charge and composition
  • Emulsion stability
  • Dispersion and dissolution
Employee packaging a powder.

Markets Served

Convenience, single serve and sports nutrition continue to drive the need for efficient and technically advanced spray drying capacity. The markets that commonly utilize this technology include drinkable nutrition solutions, blended lipid based powders, and hot beverage powders. We also have the ability to create custom solutions for other markets as well. 

Some of the food systems or single ingredients that can be spray dried include:

  • Multi-Serve Systems Applications: Canisters and bag/bag-in-box for food service dispensers.
  • Bulk Ingredient Applications: Lipids, proteins, hydrocolloids, starches and carbohydrates.

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