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With over 60+ years of spray drying, powder agglomeration, and food ingredient encapsulation problem solving, we guarantee complete optimization of your products. These are drive formulation breakthroughs that deliver powerful performance.


Our fluid-bed based agglomeration technologies guarantee high performance in solubility, taste, and sensory characteristics. We can achieve functionality and powder uniformity in food and beverage powders, instantize, improve product dispersion/flow, arrive at precise dosing, or reduce product dusting through this innovative technology.

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Spray Drying

Our multiple spray drying locations and technology produces high quality dried lipid nutritional systems and creamers. This technology and capacity mean we can produce more and balance urgent needs from multiple customers.

Spray drying technologies.

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Our proprietary encapsulation and inclusion technology protects core ingredients from the inside out with ingredient release specifically tailored to the application. Along with the process improvements realized by the use of encapsulated ingredients, our technology provides economic benefits to manufacturers through optimized formulation and reduction in product loss.

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Our variegate technology can be added to ice cream to add flavor, provide texture variety, improve eye appeal, and above all deliver the unexpected! We have various forms of variegates available that deliver decidedly different eating experiences. We can help you find the best fit via our demo program.

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Our inclusions are fat-based ingredient delivery systems that add multiple sensory experiences to various food systems. They come in nugget or flake form with different size options to suit your needs.

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